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Nice to have you here!

I'm excited to help you to create some profitable business photos that you're proud and happy to share.

Your 2 main resources are: 

1) The video training on-demand 

2) The downloadable PDF guide/workbook

You'll find both under their own sections here in the mini workshop portal.


You may want to scan the workbook before watching the video to see the scope of the system I've created for you. You'll see there are spaces for your notes and brainstorms.

Since the PDF is so extensive, you won't have to make many content notes as you watch the video. The PDF does not contain the sample photos (visual aids) so to keep the file small for downloading and printing.

The video training was also designed to stand alone as an overview of the system with visual aids to explain and help you plan your DIY Friend Photoshoots!

See you soon,