3 Reasons to Strengthen Your Personal Image


    Creating Profitable Presence leads directly to more opportunities, connections and income

    Communicating your authentic personality style/essence (through your on-camera presence, photos, speaking style and more) is not only a highly leveraged business move, it's a method of self-advocacy

    If done in a way that's natural for you, curating the way you show up in the world online and in-person saves you time, energy and money continually. The priceless side effects include more ease, confidence and comfort.

As your consultant & confidante, I can help you to:

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A clear and meaningful first impression builds trust

Your communication style and presence can seal the deal or block the desired result you're after in your business and personal pursuits.

Communication style and presence includes and isn't limited to: facial expressions, clothing, grooming, body language, vocal tonality, energy projection.

This is worth consideration if you're representing a business as a founder, an owner, collaborator, service provider or team member.

Here's an example scenario: You're speaking, pitching or selling something in a video, in a virtual meeting or in person.

Whether it's a service you deliver or a product you represent, the audience finding you credible is critical to the relationship and to the sale. This is also the case for a philanthropist asking for support for a cause that needs attention and support.
Credibility is quickly and easily conveyed through authentic and strategic communication.
You have the chance to reinforce your marketing and sales messages with your image and presence.

You spend resources (including your time and energy) on your marketing campaigns, your tech, your team, your business education and more.

Having communication style and presence in any way incongruent with your brand, mission or personality can stop opportunities and sales from coming through when they're close to being clinched.

Audiences are smart. Whether you're talking to one person or thousands, they process what they see and hear on both a conscious and subconscious level.
When something is off, the audience often senses it and don't stop to figure out why. They move on.
Strengthening your image, brand and communication means you won't be wasting resources and effort because an undiscovered personal image factor is in the way of what you're working so hard to achieve.

MY aim is to help you feel and function at your best.

It's to help you feel and look like YOU at your most authentic, comfortable and confident. I also care about helping you to make strategic adjustments that accelerate your personal and professional progress.

In my opinion, your image should be customized not only for who you are in this moment but for the trajectory of your identity and dream life.

It can feel easy. You can have a good time while you do this work!

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