Lead With Charm & Purpose

check mark Feel and appear credible, confident & comfortable when you present yourself to the world 

check mark Wow your audience in-person, on video, in live broadcasts, in meeting and more

check mark Make first impressions that instantly show your powerful, authentic/natural personality

check mark Use your personal image & communication as a shortcut to intrigued excited new collaborators and customers

check mark Love the way you look and feel. Spend less time, energy and money on your marketing campaigns, photos, wardrobe and more

check mark Position yourself to be seen and perceived the way YOU WANT to be seen and perceived

Working On Your Presence & Communication Can Mean:

Your On-Camera First Impression Can Clinch or Kill Sales

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Hi! I’m Zayna Rose, Image Strategist & Consultant

I believe everyone has the right to love the way they look and feel. It's not a luxury, it's an important part of our self-expression.

I'm using a blend of creativity, image strategy and communication science to help you get results. It can be fun and easy! 

It's a special thing to feel happy when you look in the mirror, when you see yourself on video and when you open your closet.

You can be comfortable, confident and effective in an instant when you speak and represent yourself and your business whether it be online or in-person.

What I REALLY care about on your behalf:

Here's how I can help:

A combination of these may be the best way to get quick results!

A Profitable Presence Strategy Call is the most direct way to discover the most advantageous path forward.

Personal Style 

chark mark sketch graphic_chartreuse Discovery and customization of the visual identity that truly represents you

chark mark sketch graphic_chartreuse Wardrobe and shopping systems for casual power looks, business formal, everyday outfits, go-to looks for speaking, events and other occasions  

chark mark sketch graphic_chartreuse Bespoke makeover & styling experiences

(Digital) Stage Presence

chark mark sketch graphic_chartreuse Performance & presence across digital platforms

chark mark sketch graphic_chartreuse Speaking style strengthening for media and more: video, live broadcasts, podcasts, stages

chark mark sketch graphic_chartreuse Photo and video shoot design, performance coaching and production

Public Image & Brand Identity

chark mark sketch graphic_chartreuse Public image development, preparation for pitches, brand messaging, media training

chark mark sketch graphic_chartreuse Creative direction and design of photoshoots and key video content

chark mark sketch graphic_chartreuse Leadership presence advisory and consulting

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