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Your Visual Identity is a communication channel that's always open and speaking on your behalf.

Customize your personal communication, stage presence and style to preview and reinforce the messages you want your audiences, customers and friends to receive about you.

First Impressions happen in a flash and they can help you to clinch an opportunity or a sale.

That's powerful yet the role your personal image plays is deeper than that.

Your image is conveyed through your clothing and grooming style, body language, the way your move, how you speak,  the way you use your energy to project who you are and much more.

Brilliant stage presence and your star power can fortify your confidence, comfort and success rate as you sell, speak, network, negotiate deals and pitch to investors.

Lean into your natural personality and communication style and strategically customize it (even if you only want to begin with your clothing etc)when you present yourself to the world.

That's the secret. 

I'd love to help. 

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Jumpstart Your Style & Your Star Power

Confidence, Compliments and Undeniable Charisma

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Build your style to suit you (1)

Good clothing and grooming style gives you what you want from it ONLY if it's built to suit your true personality essence and your vision for yourself that includes your professional trajectory.

Far From Fashionista


Whether you're a naturally "put together" person who knows what you like OR you can't find your way out of a turtleneck, you can enjoy a system that helps you feel great daily without fuss.

quattro photo jeans and coat

You don't need to dress up to look good and you don't have to look good all the time to be your most stylish and powerful self.

You can live in t-shirts and jeans for the most part of you like. Not all jeans and t-shirts are created equal of course. You've gotta know which are your "good jeans"!

Even the most casual outfit carries a message and little tweaks can make a huge difference. 

Customize Your Visual Identity

Our self-presentation is one of the anchors of visual expression and identity.

It's speaking for us and with us whether we like it or not so we might as well align it with our true inner essence and charm.

A few other factors to consider if you want your image to represent you well:

DISCIPLINE  First impressions science gives us a brilliant advantage when it comes to forming relationships quickly, feeling fulfilled by self-expression and closing deals.

DISCIPLINE Your public image is a powerful typically underused tool

DISCIPLINE  Boosting your communication through style is a leveraged first move at the start of your image development work

Good Style vs. Your Best Style

Does your personal style fit who you are in this moment and who you're becoming?

Does it align with how you want to be seen by others (individuals, your industry, your audience?)

Do your clothes and accessories fit the lines of your body? Are you comfortable physically?

Do you feel like you look good from a 360 angle whether you're walking, sitting, giving a talk, attending a party?

Are YOU the focus of your outfit?

Visual credibility means people focused on the most important thing when they look a us in person or online. Specifically, what we have to say, what we stand for, our intentions, our energy etc.

Jumpstart Your Star Power

Confidence, Compliments and Undeniable Charisma

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