Profitable Leadership Presence for CTOs

This is your special gift that comes with Zayna's session at the 0111 Conference.

If you attended the session or if you've watched the replay, please bring your questions and insights to the call.

Zayna will help you begin to build your customized Profitable Presence Roadmap and advise on your next best steps.

If you didn't attend the conference but you're a member of 7CTOs, this is also for you!

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  Gift #1 Book Your 1:1 Call with Zayna

Thank you for booking! Sarah (Zayna's team member) will be in touch very soon with a calendar link and a personalized message. If you have any urgent questions, please email us at :)

This is NOT a sales call. Zayna will be focused on helping you to move to the next level when it comes to your personal brand and leadership presence.

In the last few minutes of the Zoom call, Z will tell you if we have a program that suits your situation and goals.

If it's a YES, she'll also ask you if you'd like to talk about working together.

If you'd like to, we'll get you set up with a separate call to specifically talk about possibilities.

Gift #2 is your CTO Starter Kit

This special resource will be ready for you soon! Zayna's customizing based on what she's learning about your specific needs and questions during the conference. 

Sign up here on the waitlist and we'll get the starter kit to you the moment it's ready.

For now, sign up for a call using the form above and get your profitable presence jumpstart!

By signing up for that call you'll automatically receive a link to download.

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